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[CP] HR International Standards: The HR Deepest Transformation ?

[CP] HR International Standards: The HR Deepest Transformation ?

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Following the first works on Human Resources Management at an international level with ISO, the international standardization organization in 2011. This international works on standards give a new dimension on Human Resources Management with a standardized corpus at an international level. ANDRH has been taking the leadership since the origin, in 2011 for France and has decided to take the opportunity of the working groups meetings in Paris to share with some HRD an exceptional moment.

Speakers : 

  • Laurence Breton-Kueny, PhD, is Human Resources Director and member of the board of the Afnor Group. Chairman of the French standardization commission ISO TC 260. 
  • Ronald B. McKinley, PhD, is Vice President & Chief Standards Officer, Director, Healthcare Management Institute. Chairman for ISO TC 260. USA
  • Lee Webster, is Director of Operations for the University of Texas Medical Branch’s Healthcare Management Initiative (HMI).  Secretary for ISO TC 260. USA
  • Stefanie Becker, PhD, is HR Project Director for HR Strategy and Planning at SAP SE. Animator of the working group “Human Capital Reporting” of ISO TC 260. Germany
  • Programm :

During this interactive meeting four professionals are going to transmit the information needed for good understanding on the subject of international standards for HR professionals and answer to these questions:

  • What needs or expectations answer to standards for human resources directions?
  • What can be the utility of these standards for human resources department?

In the room more than 30 members of the ISO TC 260 working groups will be present.

 May 15th from 6.00 pm to 8.00pm

Malakoff Médéric corporate offices

21 rey Laffitte, 75009 Paris.

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Créée en 1947, l’ANDRH est une association loi 1901 au service des professionnels des ressources humaines représentant les entreprises et organisations de tous secteurs d’activité et de toutes tailles, publiques et privées, nationales et internationales. Avec plus de 5 000 membres, organisée en 80 groupes locaux, elle est la plus grande communauté de professionnels des ressources humaines en France.

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